Central London Tennis Singles & Doubles League

Friendly and local mixed singles and doubles leagues in Central London for adults of all ages and standards.

Players will be matched in the following way:

- Advanced (club players and above)
- Intermediate (regular but non-club players)
- Improvers (beginners and social players)
The Leagues are great for:

Meeting new players

Finding new doubles partners
Keeping fit
Improving your game
Improving your British Tennis Rating (Singles - Grade 6 Matchplay)

Sign up today! entry only £5/month including British Tennis Membership (RRP £25) 

You can enter or withdraw at anytime, you can play singles, doubles or both, divisions are refreshed every two months with relegation and promotion. Doubles pairs can be 2 x ladies, 2 x men or mixed and we can find you a partner.

How the leagues work:

1. Sign up via direct debit and contact us with your mobile number and standard
2. You will be added to the appropriate whatsapp group for your division
3. Arrange when and where to play via whatsapp - click here to find a venue close to you. 
4. Share the cost of court hire and match balls. Matches should be played in Zone 1-2 unless both players agree to play further out.
5. Agree the scoring format before you commence play FAST4, 3 x Short Sets, 2 x Full Sets with Champ Tiebreak or 3 x Full Sets.
6. Email in results with a match selfie or post via our facebook or twitter
7. Every two months the divisions will be refreshed with promotion and relegation and you will have a new group of players to play against - in a division of 5 players, 2 players get relegated and 2 get promoted.

Entries, divisions and results will be posted here.